Pulmonary Rockville Internal Medicine Group’s team of pulmonologists’ provide consultation and ongoing routine care to patients with respiratory issues.


Pulmonary Function Lab

A cough and shortness of breath are troubling symptoms that sometimes indicate the presence of a serious underlying condition. In order to diagnose and treat these conditions, the pulmonary physicians at Rockville Internal Medicine Group have developed a state of the art Pulmonary Function Lab. By performing these tests, your physician can determine lung functions as simple as how forcefully you can blow air out, or as sophisticated as how efficiently your lungs extract oxygen from the air. This testing, as well as X-ray and endoscopic evaluations when necessary, will help your physician determine the cause of your symptoms. Once that is determined, your physician can direct you to therapies to preserve and restore your health.



    • Bronchoscopy
    • Laryngoscopy
    • Thoracentesis
    • Pulmonary Stress Testing
    • Plain spirometry
    • Plain + post Albuterol
    • Full – DLCO, Lung Volumes
    • Exhale Nitric Oxide
    • 6 minute Walk Test
    • 24 Hour Pulse Oximetry

Procedures Performed in office, or at the Hospital.


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Pulmonary Questionnaire (October 2010)
Notice of Privacy Practices (April 2011)

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